In Memory

Darryl Hopps

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05/12/11 05:26 PM #1    

Frederick Barnes

Salute to the host of host, that was his natural calling in life.  One fond memory was I just happened to home in Cleveland during Jan 90 or 91 for a relatives funeral which was also the time Darryl was having a going away party as he was leaving the Togo Suite, so my younger cousin Suzanne and her group of friends (The Women of Distinction) invited me to attend "their friend" Darryl's party at the Togo and that I would be afforded special attention because I was with them, so I didn't let on to them about our long time acquaintance, when we showed up at the Togo it was like a small Kennedy reunion and when my cousin started to introduce me to "her friend" Darryl and we started hugging before she got it out, she was suprised and punched me in the side, anyway it was a fun night.. 

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